A downloadable Jam Game for Windows

This is an early build of DUE, due to its early state in development and short production time the game might have a bug or two making the game unbeatable in some instances due to this we allowed all stages to be unlocked at the start. but despite this a good chunk of the game is beatable only the last 5-10 levels use the more advanced mechanics that was changed latter in development

DUE is a retro puzzle game with 23 pre-made levels as well as a complete level editor (all levels where made using this). As you journey through each level, you'll be faced with challenging puzzles. Push blocks and arrows, switch characters, and carefully plan your movement to complete each level. The game also comes with a level-editor, allowing you to make your very own challenging puzzles.

this is Lux and Umbra there lost inside the world of DUE, help them navigate there intertwined  worlds so they can become one and finally become whole again. Lux can walk on any black surface but to her the black world Umbra inhabbits are as solid as can be, she can push them to clear a path for herself or to make a path for Umbra, and Umbra can push the space that Lux inhabitants. the space that they can meet is the gray world that inhabits both of there worlds.

Arrow Keys - Movement
Space - Enter/Confirm
X - Undo
Z - Switch Characters
F1 -  Switch On/Off the boarder
F2 -  Switch On/Off the Scan lines

This game was made for the Duality Jam, a week long jam where you have to make a game relating to "duality". This game adheres to the theme because of the conflicting colors of the conflicting characters Umbra can only walk on white, while Luz can only walk on on black - both can walk on gray.

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DUE was Developed by Red Dash Games.
Designed by - Lady Leia
Menu Music base on music by - Adriano Banchieri
Game Page Written by - BreMea and Lady Leia


This Jam Game is currently unavailable