A downloadable Glube for Windows

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This is a WIP build of my little puzzle game called Glube.

made for the Cartridge Jam 3 and JamCraft5

Arrowkeys: move
Z/X: to enter in menus
R: to restart the arena (no clear condition yet so this is very much needed)

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TagsDice, Minimalist


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Glube - Prototype 4 MB


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Super neat idea. It's one of those game that is really challenging and hard but I keep on coming for more. The graphics are cute and the character is memorable. My only wish is that there was sound and music.  Well done!

Spacebar makes the character blinks. Nice.


haha.... yes that blinking space bar is totally not me forgetting to turn off my debug features no not at all.... (Ps: he/she should be able to blink on there own though i might have made it too long between blinks really). 

The main idea was for a mix of Sokoban and 2048/Threes, so that was the exactly the kinda addictive gameplay I was planning to create. I also wasn't expecting such a good response for this "game" so I'm sure to update this when i get the time.


This is really fun man, me and my friend have just sat for 15 minute puzzling over this

A neat little puzzle game. I like it!

Thanks, sorry for it being so unfinished.

Pfft, don't be sorry for that! It's a game jam, stuff here being unfinished is a norm. Plus I'd say it is already rather playable - and that is a great feat.

yeah its just its one of my longer jams and compered to the quality of my other works its pretty poor really