A downloadable box of Duckys for Windows

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Source Code files are provided for educational use, and for use as a base, though that said we do plan on making this game into a full game so i would recommend if you are to buy the source code make your game as distinct as you can.


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LuxDucks - Jam Version 18 MB
GMS2 Project Files - Jam Version 8 MB


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Hard game(for me), but fun too! 


Looking forward to the full game. I hope it will be called Lux-Ducks Deluxe.

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*hides my papers* wh-? how did you read the GDD for the game.
(yes that's what its going to be called though might remove the Luz part of it.)

Right now the hardiest part of it is the levels we'll need quite a lot for the full version (at least 100+ levels), though I'm working out how to do online level sharing for the editor so that'll be fun too.

good concept!

thank you so much for the video it means a lot. <3

Pretty interesting mechanic. Did you guys already put the game on the appstore (I think I've seen it)?

Anyway, what's up with level 8 & 9? I can just walk straight to the exits. The undo button is also useless, as it doesn't revert tile flipping. I got to level 11, but I couldn't see where the exits were.

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oh we havent put this on the app store at all (we dont have the income to do such a thing) though its an idea for the full full version of the game.

also 8 & 9 was meant to be removed due to practically being the same as the first levels we moved them but for some resion i didnt remove them they where made by a friend and i wanted to make things super simple when you boot the game up so they ment to have been scrapped.

Also undo should be working, i havent had any bug reports about tiles not flipping. but i do think there are a few bugs with it though they should should be fixed with an afterjam build when that time comes around (not sure how long it'll be due to the hosts not even bringing up what is going on with the jam). anyways i do really hope you enjoyed my little game (it was made by me LadyLeia by myself)

also if you ever find the name of the game you say is much like ours ill love to know the name of it to see how they developed the mechanics. 


Good game that had several puzzles that really stumped me (meaning they're good XD). I like the music!

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Thanks for the kind words, i was worried about the difficulty but it looks like everyone is having a good time with it.


great game , catchy music , good to play during a quick break

Yeah, it's defently agree that its not one of those games that you spend a long time playing though that said 20-30 minute play time isn't that bad for a 48 hour jam game. I'm glad everyone is enjoying it as much as they are