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An Action Match 3 Puzzler takeing place on a seesaw made in 2 days, 

You are UO a small Ufo whos job it is to match 3 of each of the objects she gets given (shown on the bottom of the screen). you use your mouse to move and click to drop. be careful because your on a seesaw dont want to put to much on one side or it'll all come tumbling down.


Movement: Mouse
Drop: Left mouse
pause: Right mouse / Enter.

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SnowDropRock (JamVersion) 5 MB


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The UFO looks a lot like the UFO in Part Time UFO. Was this inspired by that, or is it a coincidence?

Not sure what your talking about, the Gif of the game is the older design that was changed to not look like the UFO in Part Time UFO.
please play the game before commenting.

Fabulous work! Excellent execution, completely playable. Amazing for the timeframe.

thanks if i had a bit more time i would have cleaned up the difficulty a bit more, maybe add a real title screen and improve the art a tad. (worked out dev time to be 15-20 hours in total) 

This game's ace.  You made this?  In 2 days?  Holy crap.  That's amazing.  So's this game.


well in sort i started making a game about matching 5 in a row (might get released might now) it wasn't going how i would like so i scrapped it, then the jam had 6-7 hours left so i made "SSSSSSSECAM!!!!" then just at the end of that i found out the time was extended by 2 days then went to bed, woke up a bit late 11:30-ish then worked until like 2-3 then next day woke up 13:30 to the end of the jam. removing time eating and a few other things i had to get done in total it was like,  15 hours, max 20 hours really.

Still impressive.